About the Artist​

Simie is an emerging, young, multi-disciplinary Artist currently living in the sunny mountainside of Aurora, Colorado. She is second generation French Canadian-American with roots originally hailing from the coast of southern Florida.

With an education in drafting & environmental planning, she graduated with Honors from University of Florida in 2020 with a Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Sustainability.

Simie has been pursuing her dreams as a full-time artist ever since. With roots in the Festival & Events industry where she performs as a live painter & muralist, she is able to share her craft with a wide audience across the country.

Keen on experimentation, Simie draws inspirations mostly from nature, mysticism and fantasy. She is often drawn to ornate design thanks to her architectural background and loves to contrast the structural forms with natural, organic subject matters such as flora & fauna.

Although adept in a wide range of mediums and pursuits, her concentrations lie mostly with fine arts, murals, graphic design, and product merchandising. These days she seeks to inspire others through her artwork, to help her audience feel connected to the natural world, and remind everyone that magic is still very much present in the world around us.