Unity Art Print


Unity was a piece that I created during a very vulnerable period of my life.  I had just separated from an almost 3 year relationship and found myself in a place of emotional turmoil. I had built an emotional wall around myself as a defense mechanism and found it particularly hard allowing myself to open up to others in even the most simple of contexts.  Unity was the piece that allowed me to come to terms with my emotional experience, put it all on the table, and put conscious energy to face my healing journey head-on. While in the midst of working on this piece I was fortunate enough to meet someone very special who stands beside me to this day. Art can be the greatest medicine for an aching soul.

The Sri Yantra symbol in the background represents the union of masculine and feminine energy in Hindu teachings – and even inspired the name behind this piece ‘Unity’.

-Printed on semi-gloss 80lb cardstock

-Sealed in protective bag to ensure quality

-Available in 2 sizes: 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″