About the Artist

Simie (Simone) Alexander is a French Canadian-American fine artist & muralist who began her career in south Florida.

Her love for the natural world led her to study Landscape Architecture at University of Florida, where she developed a profound appreciation for the intricacies between opposing realms of organic and constructed.

Her work is often recognized through use of structured, ornate forms known as filigree interwoven amongst natural symbolic imagery of flora & fauna. With an affinity towards fantasy & the occult, the intersection of her work encompasses a certain air of magic as she explores spiritual themes such as the power of dreams, growth, loss, and our relationship with nature.

Her connections to the entertainment industry as a live painter and muralist have allowed her to share her craft with a wide audience across the country. Her works can be found with private collectors, galleries & mural walls spanning the U.S. including Denver, Austin, Chicago, Miami, and more.

Live Painting + Performances