Custom Shoes

I have had the pleasure of creating custom, hand painted footwear for my clients since 2013.

It has been a beautiful journey of exploration and growth over the last decade. Starting as just a young teen with a paint brush and a pair of white canvas shoes tucked away at my bedroom desk, to the expansion of a global art business providing 1 of 1 footwear to over 300 satisfied collectors across the globe.

Where Do We Start?

The commission process generally begins with a loose concept or theme in mind. If you are looking for inspiration, that's okay too! I am happy to help with any design needs. Through discussion & reference images, you & I will work together to assemble a vision for your design.

The next step is deciding on the type of shoe. I am able to paint on a range of footwear materials such as canvas (vans, converse, etc) to synthetics (Nike, Jordan, Adidas, etc), and even real leather. I am open to exploring new options if you have something particular in mind!

The next step is ordering the shoes for you. Once payment is collected & the shoes arrive, I begin the painting process. This generally takes between 2 -6 weeks depending on your place in my commissions queue. I send the shoes back to you once finished. Voila!

Your custom shoes are completed.