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Quetzalcoatl Enamel Pin

Quetzalcoatl Enamel Pin

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"Quetzalcoatl" Limited Edition 3D Pin

Design collab by: Simie Alexander (Simiealex Art) x Danny Sanzone (Sanzone Art)

-3D pins
- 3" Tall
-4 posts
-Glow effects on most variants
9 Variants:
OG Feathered Serpent- LE 40
Jungle Magic Serpent- LE 25
Spirit Serpent- LE 25
Sacrificial Gold Serpent- LE 22
Rainbow Pastel Serpent- LE25
Ancient Copper Serpent- LE33
Sunset Serpent - LE22
Inter Dimensional Serpent- LE22
Dark Rainbow Serpent - LE16
-FULL SET = All 9 variants

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