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Colored pencil, red variegated gold leaf, and marker:  5" x 7"

Homed in a repainted, thrifted ornate frame with dual tabletop stand and wall hanging mounting for your displaying preference. Frame dimensions are 7.25" x 9.25".

The goldleaf embellishment will reflect light when casted at different angles. Artwork is signed and dated on the back and will come with a small certificate of authenticity. 

Vulnerability was created to help me process some deep feelings and seek clarity during a time of emotional growth. During its creation a single notion continued to run through my head on repeat - "Vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness". It is easy to harden yourself to a challenging world when you are a sensitive person and have big feelings. Sometimes you can let too much in & it can get to be a bit overwhelming, so you build a wall to protect yourself from it all.  However this piece serves as a reminder to knock that wall down. Allowing yourself to stay open & receptive is where true emotional fortitude lies. To accept love. To embrace it. And reciprocate it when called to. Never a weakness. Only a strength. Vulnerability is a super power.

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